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May 11, 2021
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Happy is thrilled to add sushi to the menu for customers to enjoy at low prices! We have decided to add this delicious delicacy to our menu to add more variety and include the beautiful Japanese culture to our versatile restaurant.

What has become a cultural phenomenon in the world originated from a method of preserving fish. The delicacy first appeared in the 7th century created by Southeast Asians who lived in the mountains. For the next 800 years, sushi underwent some major changes. 

The Muromachi Period (1336 to 1573) produced the process of oshizushi (the use of vinegar instead of salt on sushi). The rice vinegar greatly reduced the time of fermentation and so the rice – that was once used as a protective barrier for fish – started to be eaten along with the fish. 

Due to the transformation of the fermentation process, sushi started to become a social phenomenon. Often sold in the theatre as a type of Bento (take-out) or alongside other dishes. At the start of the 19th-century, sushi became a more central focus, with three renounced sushi restaurants opening in Edo (former name of Tokyo). As a consequence, the popularity of sushi surged throughout Edo. The invention of the fridge in the late 20th century meant that sushi was able to be sent long distances which increased the demand for sushi meant it became recognised all over the world. 

Sushi first appeared in the UK around the Coronation in May 1952 when Prince Akihito (Emperor of Japan) visited Queen Elizabeth II. Ever since this moment sushi has played an important role in the UK. 

The inspiration for the dish was because of the healthy benefits sushi brings for our customers. Not only is it a great source of protein, for those who like to stay active during COVID-19 lockdowns, but also feeds your brain with the fish providing high levels of omega-3. Sushi has also been connected to lowering blood pressure and maintaining heart rhythm.

So why not try some Crispy Kamikaze a crispy prawn, spicy salmon, avocado, cream cheese tobiko & chives wrapped in nori and breaded in light Japanese tempura sushi for only £5.89 or our Paradise Roll including some fresh crispy prawn, cream cheese & fresh cucumber wrapped in nori & sushi rice & topped with avocado slices, Happy mayo, Unagi sauce, Dragon sauce & togarashi for the same price. 

For bigger groups – or appetites – we also do 28-piece combos of sushi, and so is also ideal for friend groups or family outings! These delicious meals at such low prices make Happy the top choice for Lunch or Dinner in London and a great alternative to fast-food restaurants. 

So, head to Happy London today to try our incredible sushi selection!


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