Josper Rotisserie Charcoal Oven

in Food
February 18, 2020
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Happy London are proud to showcase a fundamental element behind our delicious food offerings – the Josper Rotisserie Charcoal Oven, the first of it’s kind in the UK! Proudly displayed in our kitchen as you walk through the Happy doors, the oven uses a medieval roasting technique. The spit rod is ideal for large pieces of meat, poultry and even fish or fruit. It is the most primitive technique, where between the product and the embers there is no barrier – allowing for an intensely delicious taste and heavenly aromas throughout the restaurant. The use of this particular wood charcoal allows the different flavours to be much broader and, in addition, the charcoal oven’s strong visual component plays a capital role. You’ll see the meat being prepared ready to serve!

This oven uses the utmost technology to ensure our dishes are up to par with Happy standards. Technologically, the Josper oven is equipped with an anti-sparks safety system whilst the external heat emission is controlled by thermal insulation. Our eclectic menu offers a diverse range of all your favourite meat and fish options, from succulent steaks to burgers and chicken – Our expert team of chefs have been trained to prepare you dishes to perfection using the Josper oven.

With over 40,000 clients, Josper was the perfect partner for Happy to join forces with for our new London opening. With the aim to achieve the highest quality of grilling over charcoal, creating the most flavoursome dishes for our customers, we cannot wait to hear what you think. Just like Happy, Josper is all about family origins, and we firmly welcome this addition to our exciting new launch!