"Best Restaurant" in London for 2023

"Best culinary experience in England"




Mouth watering food served with a warm smile in a beautiful restaurant – meet HAPPY – the newest tenant in London’s vibrant Piccadilly Circus!

HAPPY has a 25-year reputation in some of the most delectable European cities, as well as an unbelievable story related to their new London location. The restaurant group is entirely family-run. Exactly 30 years ago, father and son went on a trip to London and ate out at what was then, TGI Fridays. The son was so inspired by the place, he promised his father that sooner or later, they too would open a restaurant in the heart of London. Thanks to their drive and determination, in February 2020, HAPPY will open in the very same location where they first spoke of that professional dream.

“London is one of the largest and most interesting restaurant scenes in the world, so it’s a dream come true to bring our brand here” says the General Manager of the London restaurant, Ivan Popov.

The menu has been carefully curated by award winning chefs from across the world, with perfectly prepared dishes tailored to the local taste, plus a few ‘HAPPY style’ surprises. Everything happens in the open kitchen, while the mixologists – who are also winners of prestigious international awards- prepare irresistible cocktails or serve expertly selected wines and beers from all over the world.



Look out for the ‘HAPPY Broken Burger’, which is made from British dry aged beef and served in their iconic deconstructed way, making it easy to eat and perfect to share. HAPPY’s philosophy insists that one of the most important qualities of food, besides taste, is its power to bring people together. Ethically sourced reared roast chicken, is a trademark of HAPPY’s – the crispy golden brown exterior and succulent meat create perfect harmony for the eye and palate, thanks to the ​Rolls Royce ​ of the grill world – the ​Josper ​ Rotisserie Charcoal Oven. Our Steaks are 100% British meat and meticulously sourced to insure we achieve consistently high quality produce all year around. Don’t worry vegetarians and vegans, you too will be well looked after in the new Piccadilly Circus culinary house. The ​‘HAPPY’ menu will offer an array of exceptional food at affordable prices, accommodating even the most unadventurous eater in your family.


Interestingly, nothing can be offered to customers in HAPPY before the approval of over 50 key company experts – this is just a small part of the restaurant’s work model, a guarantee of its 25-year success. Due to this intricate behind the scenes operation, HAPPY has become a global award winning company that has won the most important and prestigious ‘​Favourite Brand ​ ’ award in Europe for 10 consecutive years.


“For us, the customer is sacred. We must always meet their expectations and offer constant high quality food and service. We would very much like to become a restaurant that Londoners believe in and we want them to come back. This is our goal, we hope to achieve it together,” says the main owner Orlin Popov. “We look forward to opening our doors and showing you in our own way, how we believe casual dining should be done!”


The HAPPY story is to be continued…