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The History of the Margarita


Going back to the origins of Margarita, the drink dates back to 1942 and was first invented in Mexico by a Mexican-American named Francisco Morales. The drink is considered to be a part of the sour cocktail family and was named after a flower as it translates to daisy from Spanish. 

Consisting of three ingredients - tequila, orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice. The traditional Margarita is served in a margarita or a martini glass with a salt rim and garnished with a lime wheel, shaken with ice, and double strained. Alternatively, for the not so fancy ones, it can be served on the rocks. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can always try Tommy’s Margarita which offers a twist to the original drink by replacing the orange liqueur with agave syrup.

Margaritas at Happy

At Happy, the margarita is made with Olmeca Tequila which is produced in Mexico, Triple Sec, as well as fresh lime juice, shaken over ice and garnished with salt and lime. Considering the fact that a margarita is made with such an attractive and versatile spirit when it comes to pairing with food, our menu offers a wide selection of dishes including, Mediterranean style calamari and Happy crispy prawns, quesadillas and tortillas, different cuts of beef steaks as well as pork ribs, all of which are great when pairing with a margarita. Additionally, the Mexican drink is commonly considered to be the official drink for having fun, which here at Happy is music to our ears because we love having fun! 


Celebrate the National Margarita Day on the 22nd of February at Happy! To continue Happy’s birthday celebrations, we are doing 2-4-1 on our Margaritas! With your main dish, simply take a photo with your friends, use the hashtag #HappyHourAtHappy, tag and follow our instagram page to avail of this promotion!